Sanatorium Istisu Fatimei-Zahra

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Sanatorium Istisu "Fatimei-Zahra"


Region of Azerbaijan - Masalli, has long been famous for its healing springs, the most famous of which is Istisu (literally "warm water"). This thermal spring breaks through in several places on the bank of the Vilyashchay River on the slope of Mount Dombalov above the sea level at 1650 meters. The source has not dried up for many hundreds of years, but no one knows the exact history of its occurrence. People from ancient times considered this water as a panacea for a thousand diseases.

In 1960, a scientist, doctor Mir Kazym Aslanly-Sareng established that this water includes hydrogen sulphite, calcium sodium chlorine, magnesium hydroxy carbon, iodine (30 milligrams per liter). Water comes from a depth of 90-250 m in hot form (about 69 degrees) and is indicated in the treatment of many diseases. Such as rheumatism and its consequences, sciatica, skin, kidney and urinary tract diseases. etc. In this treatment should be carried out under special instructions and under the supervision of a doctor. One course should consist of 10-15 therapeutic baths.

This discovery of Aslanly-Sareng caused great interest. From the state side, twelve scientists from specialized clinics and leading scientific centers from all over the Soviet Union were invited to the healing source of Istisu, who confirmed the findings of Aslanly-Sareng. After that, in 1971, the healing source was given the status of a national health resort and began to be intensively mastered.

Today this sanatorium is called "Fatimei-Zahra" and continues to receive visitors. All procedures are conducted under the supervision of doctors. On arrival, every guest gets a spa book, which indicates the diagnosis and details the procedures shown.

In "Fatimei-Zahra" you can not only get a full treatment, but also have a good rest. For example, relax in the waters of the Vilyashchay river. On one of the sections of the river the waters of the thermal spring, falling on the rocks, mix with the cool waters of the river, forming something like natural warm baths. Here in the water everywhere there are small brisk fish that pinch bathers for open skin areas. It is believed that they also contribute to cure for skin diseases.

Nearby on another part of the river there is a natural source of healing water, nicknamed "mada", which in Azerbaijani means "stomach". As you probably already guessed, the water from this source is shown in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is curious that this source was chosen by small harmless crabs, which are hiding here almost under each stone.

Not far from the sources of Istisu, at the foot of the Yanar Dağ mountain, there is another sanatorium. From the Azerbaijani language Yanar Dağ translates as "burning mountain". And, indeed, if you climb up a mountain of narrow steps leading to the top (somebody counted at least 256), then an amazing picture will open up: flames, bursting straight from the ground. It is glowing with natural gases accumulating here for centuries.

However, it is not necessary to climb so high as to see a miracle: on the territory of the sanatorium you will find an equally surprising natural phenomenon - Yanar Bulağ ("burning spring"). Its nature also lies in the gases that escape to the surface of the earth along with the thermal water. Red tongues of flame circling above a sulfur source in eternal dance. The water temperature in this source is higher than in the sources located in the nearby sanatorium "Fatimei-Zahra" and is 76 degrees. Water is pre-collected in a tank, where it is cooled to an acceptable temperature for the human body (34-36 degrees), from where it is delivered to rooms with baths and mini pools.

The water in Yanar Bulağ is saturated with sulfides (hydrogen sulphide), calcium, sodium, chlorine and its compounds, iodine, magnesium, methane and other elements that have a beneficial effect on the body and are indispensable in the treatment of hypertension, liver and biliary tract diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, hemorrhoids, arthritis and other disorders.


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