Who we are

Company work
Narmin Tour has been on the market since 2018. Today, the operator occupies a leading position in the tourism industry and is positioned as a brand of exclusivity and comfort.
The tour operator Narmin Tour offers the best tours hotels and ski resorts in 12 countries of the world, including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Israel, Italy, Germany. We are constantly working on the opening of new directions. Narmin Tour offers: guaranteed excursion, gastronomic, event, combined, ecological, medical tours, beach rest, as well as winter tourism. Our guaranteed tours take place regardless of whether the group is recruited or not. FIT is based on its own regular flights, is engaged in the development of business and other types of tourism, and also actively sells tickets online.

In cooperation with our company, travel agencies and tour operators work not only in Russia, but also in Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Iran, Italy and Georgia. Our excursion programs are carried out on a charter and regular basis from the airports of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Minvod, Ufa, Novosibirsk, 6 cities of Russia, Kiev, 2 cities of Italy, 2 cities of Turkey, 2 cities of Kazakhstan, 2 cities of Germany.

Our mission
Our mission is to make maximum efforts and assistance in creating a developed tourist market, where the link in the chain of customer - agent - Narmin Tour is based on mutual trust and respect. The final goal of the company is to make high-quality rest accessible to all categories of tourists visiting Baku and other cities of Azerbaijan.

The main objective of Narmin Tour is to further increase the efficiency of the operator’s activities and its competitiveness in the market, which implies targeted work in four areas:

administration of existing tools, the market through increased interest in the company's product and targeted activities for further recognition of the Narmin Tour brand;
improving the company's performance by expanding the range of services offered (tours) and large sales volumes, regular analysis, the current situation in the tourism market and timely regulation of actions;
Improving the QUALITY of company management through effective planning and improving the accuracy of performance forecasts;
work on the latest international standards, the use of high tourism technologies, without which the development and movement of the company is impossible.
In the subsequent plans of Narmin Tour - an increase in the share of the company in the market, expansion of the business by improving the quality, development and expansion of the range of services provided.

Development Plans
The Narmin Tour team carefully analyzes the demand and supply in the market and predicts the future directions of demand development in Azerbaijan. The entire amount of information is worked out on the basis of the developed strategy in order to direct sales in the necessary direction. Long-term plans and plans for the next 3, 5 and 10 years are constantly updated and supplemented with an account of studying the trends in the world tourism market and world trends.

Charter and regular flights are carried out from all major cities of the CIS and the world. Narmin Tour is a multi-tour operator and offers not only sightseeing tourism, medical tours and beach holidays in Azerbaijan, but also the organization of business corporate events, sports camps and themed trips.

In order to Narmin Tour - strengthening its position as a leading tour operator in Azerbaijan and increasing the company's market share with a simultaneous improvement in the quality of services offered. And also the further application of high technologies, without which the dynamic development of the company is impossible. The operator has become an example for many of our partners, travel agencies, who learn from the experience of Narmin Tour. This, in turn, is the motivation for the further development of the company.

Our product
Narmin Tour pays special attention to customer focus and applies a systematic approach to quality in its work. This means quality in everything, starting with the product offered and ending with the work of employees from all departments of Narmin Tour. Thanks to this, Narmin Tour’s business card is consistently the highest quality of services provided. A comprehensive quality control of all components of the tourism product at each stage of its formation, promotion and implementation is applied.
Relations with our partners are based on the principles of openness and decency, without which it is impossible to build a successful business.
When purchasing a Narmin Tour product, each agent can be sure that only high-quality services will be provided to his client, carefully checked and selected by Narmin Tour experts. That is why the product offered on the market under the Narmin Tour brand is, in the eyes of consumers and partners, a synonym for reliability and quality.