Where East and West

Azerbaijan is a unique place in the whole world. The Land of Lights is a place where they intersect: various civilizations, religions, a country where East and West meet. This is the only country of its kind, where temples of fire, medieval churches, mosques and synagogues coexist with each other, 9 of the 11 climatic zones in the world are represented, when half-riddles pass imperceptibly into steppes and forests, and those further into the blooming alpine mountains of the Caucasus . Whenever you travel to a Land Protected by Fire, it will always be unforgettable.
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Wine Tour in Azerbaijan

Wine tours to Azerbaijan at first glance look a little unusual considering that if you hear the word wine, it’s heard more France Italy Spain or Georgia. However, this stereotype of uvaz will disappear rapidly when you learn the tradition and culture of wine and not only wine in Azerbaijan. The fact is that Azerbaijan has very ancient wine traditions dating back to the early medieval state of Caucasian Albania, which were forgotten with the Arab conquests. After all, Muslim culture banned wine and any alcohol. Since the time of Azerbaijan, he returned to the cult of drinking this drink of the gods. There are quite a few wineries in the territory of Azerbaijan, which in turn produce wine and exported alcoholic beverages. Different grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Sapervai and local wine varieties such as Sadıllı, Shiraz, Madras, Meissari and others are grown in different regions of the country. Narmin Tour company invites you to plunge into a wine adventure in Azerbaijan and enjoy all the tastes of Azerbaijan to taste the amazing oriental and at the same time Caucasian cuisine of Azerbaijan without forgetting about our wines for every taste. Start your wine trip with us.
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